What is
Art Restoration?

Restoring fine works of art goes beyond monetary value. Many fine works of art and antiquities that have a high ticket value are worth repairing, however so are the priceless family trinkets and heirlooms that were once thought lost or destroyed forever. Art restoration isn’t just repairing a piece, it’s breathing life back into family memories through objects handed down for generations.

We accept any new or vintage odd item as art worth restoring. If it was personably valuable enough to keep in your home, chances are it’s worth restoring!

Our process not only puts a piece back together, but makes it look like it was never broken to begin with. No visible cracks, chips, tears or anything other than the piece’s original splendor. Don’t have all the scattered pieces from a shattered vase? No problem- we can recreate them! Trained to put back together, smooth imperfections and finally match colors, you’ll be amazed with the final product.

What is considered art
worth repairing?

Most people think “art” is limited to what certain critics or manufacturers have deemed worth historic or monetary value. The truth of the matter however is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That’s why we believe any item of sentimental or nostalgic value deserves a chance to be restored to its original glamour, so that the memory of a lost loved one lives on in your home. Whether it be vintage collectibles, porcelain repair, ceramic repair, acrylic paintings restoration, glass repair, crystal repair, watercolor repair, wood refinishing, custom furniture/ antique furniture repair , trinkets or odd item repair, its value is limitless to you- and to us right here in Dallas, Texas.